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I help adult children & grandchildren value their older loved ones more. 

Growing up in a multigenerational household did not always feel like a blessing. Over the years, God has helped me go from grumbling to being oh-so-grateful for the older people in my life. 

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Offer a helpful resource to support employees who are caring for aging parents & relatives.

Individuals & Families

Discover how you can plan ahead to give your parents/grandparents the BEST before it's too late.

Faith Communities

Connect with your community & empower your congregation to love their aging parents/grandparents well.
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A digital course for busy people who care

Take the proactive approach and start investing time into how you (and your family) can care for the older person in your life as they age. 

A light-hearted and convicting read

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The Value of Wrinkles

We’re so afraid of aging that we begin to devalue ourselves and others with each passing year. The phrase “30 years old” incites panic. Seniors live in separate communities and barely interact with young people, while middle-aged people spend millions each year on anti-aging products.

But what if we have it all wrong? Isabel Tom grew up living with grandparents and has spent over a decade of her career serving older adults.

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podcast Isabel Tom

Our Friendship
begins with earbuds.

A special word of encouragement for grandparents

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