Beauty – The Way I See It

What girl does NOT like being beautiful?  While I hate frizzy hair and I try on several outfits each morning trying to pick the perfect look for the day, I’ve come to learn about beauty in quite a different way.

I spend an awful lot of time with my grandma and the more time I spend with her, the more I see what beauty really is about and the more I hope for the brand of beauty that radiates within her.  Almost every Friday night, rather than “going out” I hang out with my grandma.  The excuse is that she can’t be at home alone, but the truth is that in order for me to be a loving person, I need to be around her at least once a week.  She is by far the most joyful person to be around and I often rather hang out with her than my girlfriends if given the choice.  Don’t get me wrong, when I’m with my girlfriends, I have SO MUCH fun.  But with Mama, which means “grandma” in Cantonese, I have fun and learn to be more beautiful at the same time.

Sometimes I call Mama while at work just to say hi.  The excuse is that my grandma is lonely, but the truth is that talking to her always gives me a little boost.  She smiles, she talks with life, and ultimately what makes her beautiful is that she deeply cares about others.  At age 96, Mama reminds me what beauty is all about. If it takes 69 years for me to become that beautiful, God bring it on, because that’s the brand of beautiful that I want to be.