My Favorite New Book – A Recommendation

The weekend is here and if you have even an hour on your hands, I’d suggest that you at least start The Silverado Story by Loren Shook and Steve Winner.  Now let me tell you.  I am great at starting books, however, it is rare that I finish.  Once I picked up The Silverado Story, I am not lying, but it became an “essential item” in my purse for the next few days.  I read it while waiting for a friend at the mall; I read it every night before bed; I liked it so much that I even read the acknowledgements! It’s an easy read, a short one, but very worth it.


What is this book all about?  The Silverado Story is an amazing and inspiring story of senior care at its best.  If you know anyone who is 65 and up, whether a grandparent, a parent, a neighbor, or a friend, this book is a must read.  It’s the way society should be and serves as another reminder that the way things are now in senior care is not how it has to be.  If you work in senior care, I think this should be required reading.  One thing I love about The Silverado Story is that it reminds me that older people have souls like the rest of us that need to be touched.  Another great point– older people, even those with serious memory issues, are not children at all and should not be treated as such.  If you’re looking for a change of mind and heart, please consider The Silverado Story. Consider it on my booklist!