The Decades: Cheers and Challenges (0-10)

Happy Monday!  Oprah said a while back that she thinks being in her 40’s was the best time in her life! I was quite surprised to hear this!  I guess we 20 and 30-somethins sure have something to look forward to!  A friend of mine recently asked me to talk about the various stages of life and what the best and worst parts of each stage are.  I’d be happy to hear any of your thoughts on this and will definitely be asking for feedback from followers and friends as I write weekly (hopefully every Monday) on “The Decades: Cheers and Challenges”. Remember, these are just thoughts, not an extensive list.

Let’s back track to the baby days!
0-10 years old


  • Face it, for these 10 years, your main responsibility is to play. Toys, make believe friends, forts, etc.
  • As a baby, you can take a dump in your pants and noone thinks you’re weird. You can wear the same shirt two days in a row. You can pick your nose and it still is considered fairly normal.  Basically, you can still get away with many things. 
  • You love your teachers.
  • You still get birthday parties, many birthday presents, and you often get spoiled (especially if you’re the youngest like me)
  • You get a lot of attention.  A lot of hugs, kisses and smiles.
  • Everything and anything is funny. 
  • The firsts (first word, first steps, first day of school, first crush)
  • Your skin is smooth.
  • You can jump and run without feeling achy.
  • You don’t need to make “to do” lists. If you have chores, they’re minimal.
  • Everyone thinks you’re cute, at least for the first half of the decade.


  • The emotional roller-coasters attached to not getting your way. Remember the crying, the tantrums, and the consequences? Go to your room!
  • Kids can mean and extremely insensitive, especially the girls. 
  • You can’t go anywhere without your parents.
  • You start getting homework.
  • You need to beg for your money.
  • Those Cheetos you’re craving for dinner? Forget it. There are house rules and you have to follow them..
  • If you hate mushrooms, you may still have to eat them.
  • All in all, you have very little control over your life.