Let’s Hear It From You – What’s the Best Decade?

Unfortunately Blogger was having issues today, so one reader emailed me directly and mentioned a great point.  Although from 0 to 10 years old, kids should be just having fun, it seems that nowadays childhood is ending way before age 10.  There are definitely many factors affecting kids nowadays.  Some factors are that there is SO MUCH PRESSURE not only from peers but also from parents.  These days, maybe not all kids can be kids.  I have to agree with this reader when she said that sometimes she sees 8 or 9 years who look like teenagers.  Goodness, sometimes I see 5 year olds dressing like teenagers!

So to followup on this Monday’s decades post, I’m interested, What do YOU think the best decade in life is? Any of your comments are welcome as we will be traveling through each decade in the coming months!

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