If You Thought It Took You Forever to Graduate

I stumbled upon this great article from WTOP’s website.  If you thought it took you a long time to graduate from school, think again.  This story is one for the Guinness Book of World Records!  Ore. man who quit college in 1932 graduates at 99.  In one of my courses in grad school, I had an 80-something year old lady in my class.  A retired medical doctor who decided she still wanted to learn.  Meeting people and reading stories like these make me wonder what I’m going to be accomplishing after 99 years.  I hope to be running still and I guess after reading this story, it may seem unimaginable, but who’s to say it’s not possible.  I think it’s healthy to continue dreaming even in our later years.

Hmmm..  I wonder what this guy will do after graduation?