What’s on Your Mighty List?

My good friend celebrated her 28th birthday in June and at her party she had the marvelous idea to have all of her friends write a “mighty list”.  A mighty list is another name (and a much better name) for a bucket list and essentially the idea is to write a list of goals you hope to achieve sometime throughout your life.  If you don’t have a mighty list, I think you better take a few hours or even five minutes to think about how you want to be mighty in your life. It’s definitely an activity worth doing.

And while most people write bucket, I mean MIGHTY lists early on in life, I think it’s important for us all to dream whether we’re in our single digits or way over the hill.  The truth is there are always ways to be mighty in this world and this applies to everyone no matter how old you are.  SO, what’s on your mighty list?

At Monkey Mountain in Hong Kong just two weeks ago. Check out the baby monkey hanging off the big momma!


1. Run a marathon in under 4:00.
2. Qualify for the Boston Marathon.
3. Change people’s lives!
4. Start my own line of greeting cards.
5. Encourage young people and middle aged folks to care for the elderly more.
6. Write a book or books!
7. Have kids and show them how to love God and others unconditionally and of course, travel with them and show them the world.
8. Use my Chinese in a future job and not lose it even after my grandparents both pass.
9. Learn how to one day control my frizzy hair.
10. Cook delicious meals in under 30 minutes, no stress involved!
11. PR for a race even after having children.
12. Visit Alaska
13. Ride my bike to work.
14. Be a street performance (for one day or even an hour)
15. Take singing lessons
16. Join a choir?!!?

Another wild monkey (baby and momma!)