When You’ve Lost Your Ring

About a month ago, I did it. Lost my wedding ring and yes, the DIAMOND too (oh gosh…).  I’ve been married to a great handsome looking hunk for two years and sadly, this was the second time I lost my ring.  The first time was when we were engaged and I rummaged everywhere including trashcans and thankfully found the shimmery bling in a Operation Christmas Child box that was set to be shipped out to some little girl on the other side of world.  After desperate prayer, the prodigal ring did return but after that incident, I was convinced that this time around my ring could be anywhere. Zimbabwe. Tuscalooloo.  Our fish tank.  The ocean.  I lose things pretty often. And when you lose something that is so beautiful and expensive, and something that is supposed to represent your LIFELONG commitment to someone, the only effective response I have is to mope.  So that’s what I did that weekend.  I moped, beat myself over the head, and repeatedly thought about how Kevin should have NEVER given me such an expensive gift.  Then I thought how he’d never buy me anything nice again.
When things suck, it’s always good to have Mama (my grandma) around. Thankfully, she was spending some quality time with me Sunday afternoon.  Imagine. I was running around the condo frantically looking for these rings and Mama sat on the couch closing her eyes resting.  If my mom had been there, she would have yelled at me. Rather than flipping out, I think grandmas often have the ability to comfort.  Presence and sometimes food.  I think that’s the key.  My friend recently told me that when she went through her separation with her ex-husband, her mom flipped out.  Her grandma was loving from the start.  I guess those extra twenty five years do the trick.
For the past hour, I had been rummaging everywhere.  Discouraged and defeated, I plopped down on the couch and looked at Mama, “I still can’t find it!”
She looked at me with her 96 year old eyes and said so simply, “Well, if you can’t find it, you can’t find it. It’s okay. It’s in your heart.”
P.S I found my ring. =)