Give Your Seat to a Senior Day – August 4th

What impressed me about my trip to Singapore was how many times I saw someone stand up and give their seat to someone older on the MRT (subway).  It was an immediate reaction really and it didn’t seem to matter how old the other person was.  50, 100?  Didn’t make a difference.  Culturally, there seemed to be a general understanding that if you were younger, you were more able and stronger and so your need for a seat was not that important.  My sister, who lives in Singapore, has stated that this practice doesn’t happen all the time. But I saw it enough. And in response, I’m creating a new holiday.

If you knew me in college, you’d know that I love to make up my own holidays.  Today I designate August 4th as “Give Your Seat to a Senior Day”.  If you see a senior get on the bus, the Metro, the MRT (Singapore), the MTR (HK), or even at the mall and they are looking for a seat, celebrate “Give Your Seat to a Senior Day” by offering them your seat.  It’s a simple gesture that can mean a lot.  Maybe the senior you give your seat to is afraid to go out because others are not typically aware of their physical needs.  They need to sit more often.  They get tired easily.  Their balance isn’t too good.  And sometimes they may need longer to get from here to there.  Give them your seat. Let them ahead of you into the elevator.  Plant a seed into helping our elderly feel more comfortable and welcome in town.

Your seat giving is a sign of respect and an acknowledgement to the elderly in our midst.  It helps them know that if needed, you’re are there to help.  So remember, give your seat to a senior today…then tomorrow, and maybe even the day after that.

Anyone know how to make an official holiday??  I’m all for it!