How to Care MORE for the Elderly in Your Life

If you want to care more for the elderly in your life, it’s important to understand what aging feels like.  How’d I learn to understand? I watched my grandpa rarely included in conversations because he couldn’t hear. That’s how I understood his loneliness.  I watched him struggle when he tried to carry all his groceries from the car to inside our home. That’s how I felt his frustration.  And I watched his expression grow more apathetic, more sad with time.  This is how I knew his hopelessness with life.  My grandpa died just almost a year ago and my grandma is 96 now.  I watched them for 27+ years and in understanding them, this is how I learned to care.

If you really want to learn how to care more for the elderly in your life, you don’t have to live with your grandparents or aging parents.  You just need a way to gain some insight and today, insight I’ve found!  I highly recommend this video clip from a new PBS documentary called Consider the Conversation. The film itself examines the 21st century American struggle with communication and preparation at the end of life. In the clip, the man talking is a physician who has a disease called ALS and he gives a REALLY REALLY good understanding of how it feels to be near the end of life, how it feels to age.  What do you think?

*A big thanks to the producers for their permission to embed this excerpt in my blog.  For more information about the documentary, visit