Ahhh – What Makes Me Happy

I’m not going to apologize for posting so many pictures of my grandma.  When she’s happy I’m very happy.  When I see her at home playing and laughing with my niece and nephews, her great grandchildren, I can’t help but feel a sense of joy and satisfaction.  Considering that so many other grandparents and older folks are sad, lonely, hopeless and looking glum, it feels good to see the old people in my life cared for and joyful.  My hope is that as Mama gets to 97, 98, 99, or 100 and starts to decline that she’d be with her family, on hospice care and live her last months and days comfortable, peaceful, smiling, and knowing that she is immensely loved. That would make me really happy.
How are the old people doing in your life?
Some of them may be home alone, some of them bedbound, incontinent (aka unable to control their bladder).  Some of them may have memory issues and may not know your name. Some may just be sitting at home watching TV all day long.  Do they feel loved? Do you care for them? It bothers me when I think of all the old people in the world who are sad because we’ve forgotten them. You can see it in their eyes. Just look.
Why not use your natural “talents” to make your grandpa, grandma, neighbors’ life a little better?  You can easily dial a phone, walk fast, pick up groceries, experience adventures, think quickly, drive a car, and even touch the ground. All things that your grandparents were also capable of doing quite well.  If not help them take out their trash or drive them to an appointment, why not call them, better yet, visit, and tell them about your horrible haircut, your expedition to the farmers market, or at the least say “hello”.