Favorite Young People of Mine

How many of you want to be a grumpy old person?   If you don’t want to be grumpy when you’re old, you sure can’t be grumpy when you’re young.  Believe me on this one.  When you meet a really sweet old lady, you’ll soon find out that she was just as sweet when she was young.  And when you meet a mean snappy old man, you can pretty much assume that he was just as impatient and rude in his younger days.

Recently, there have been some people that have really impressed me with their lives and so that’s what today is about.  These two are young (meaning 30 something and under), but I can bet that when they’re 90, they’ll be some pretty cool elderly folks. If you haven’t heard of them, let me introduce you to two of my favorite young people:

1. Ryan Hall – Due to my “speed envy”, I really love Ryan Hall.   Ryan Hall is the fastest marathoner in America. Aside from his speed, what I love about Hall is that he is thinker! Forget about the dumb jock stereotype because Hall possesses a mindful and extremely positive attitude on life.  On top of that, Hall is genuine about who he is, which isn’t always easy when you’re in the spotlight.  For him, he is extremely open about his Christian faith (which isn’t always popular these days) and even on his “bad” days, the critics can’t seem to slow him down.  Runner’s World in their article “Ryan Hall, and the Mind of a Marathoner” describes Hall, age 29, as one of the most complex and compelling marathoners out there.  (Side note- his wife is also a speedy runner too!)
2. Lecrae – I love his music, but I also love his story. Lecrae, age 32, is a new artist who I discovered that is gifted in rapping.  If you’re into rap, you’ll quickly recognize his talent. If you’re not into rap, Lecrae may be the person to listen to.  Despite the mainstream, Lecrae’s music is far from degrading. He’s authentic and like Hall, he goes against the grain.  In the past month, Lecrae has gotten him a lot of attention after his performance in the 2011 BET Cypher.  Check out the interview with Lecrae and listen in on one of my favorite songs.  I think you’ll like it..(Background)