In Remembrance

I just came back from sunny SoCal and missed the chance to wish you a happy 2012! Yesterday held special meaning for me. It was New Years but it also would have been my grandpa’s 100th birthday.

2012 is no doubt going to be a heck of year.   I’ll be expecting a baby in a few months and I know that Yeye would have loved to be there.  He won’t be around to spend some really special moments with me in 2012 and that’s does give me a heavy heart.  When it comes down to it though,  if Yeye was here for my first baby, then I’d also want for him to be there to celebrate other milestones in my life and I know life doesn’t last forever.  Yeye was at my wedding and it was a blessing that my grandpa got to watch me make it to that special mark in my life.  It was as if God wanted him to know that I had a good man to take care of me for the next 100 years and that things would be okay.  And as God would have it, days after the wedding Yeye had a stroke that sent his health downhill and about a year later, he passed away.   So while I wish Yeye was still here with me, I’m thankful for the timing of his life and death.

Death is sad, but not depressing.  Through Yeye’s death, I’m learning that each and every day I have with others is an added blessing.  May your year be fully blessed by this truth.  Happy 2012!!