On the Road – Speaking Engagements!

It’s been awhile, but I haven’t forgotten about all of you.  When you’re pregnant, you just can’t do as much I tell you!

Yesterday I had the PRIVILEGE to co-present at the National Capital Christian Education Conference (NCCEC) with my dad. He’s the big man really (Doctor Samuel To).  I guess my soapbox speeches at family dinner have tired him out because he graciously asked me to copresent with him on the topic, “From Caregiving to Good Grief Ministry.”

Only a fraction of my passion for the old shows up on my blog, but when I get to share my passion with others face to face, forget it!  My eyes get big and I could talk for hours if given the chance.  And although I woke up feeling sick and then only had saltine crackers to eat before the workshop, it didn’t bother me at all.  When I get to talk to people about aging, I leave the place feeling like I’ve done what I came to this world to do.
If you’re visiting my blog as a result of the conference, WELCOME!  There were a few resources that I mentioned yesterday that I thought I’d post just in case you didn’t get a chance to jot them down:
1. The Silverado Story  by Steve Winner and Loren Shook

This book is such an easy read and changed my way on how we should care for the elderly in our lives.  I promise that you’ll love it.  Check out my book recommendation here.
2 The Experience Corps program
This is an evidence based intergenerational program that I have fallen in love with. It incorporates the idea that old people are some of our community’s greatest resources. There are program nationwide including in Baltimore City and Washington D.C.
Learn more about this AWESOME program here.