How to Bless by Baby

It’s been two months since I had little Maddie and my blogging maternity leave is now over! Welcome  back!

My cutie and her great grandpa on dad’s side

With many nieces and nephews, I’ve had to constantly remind myself that this baby is actually mine.  Motherhood or the idea of it, is still taking some time to sink in to say the least.

As a new mother and someone who has a “change the world” mentality, I have been determined to do more than just stay at home and play with the baby.  During my months of pregnancy, my husband and I decided that we wanted our child to love God and love people.  On their own, babies can only eat, poop, and sleep (and boy can mine poop!).  But with the help of their mothers and fathers, I really do believe that babies, no matter how small they are, can be chubby blessings to the older people around them.

The other day I went with baby to visit my husband’s grandpa. He has dementia and so although Great Grandpa won’t remember who we are or may not even remember that we visited, moments of goodness even though they cannot be recalled, are still meaningful.

My cutie (7 weeks) with her great grandma, my grandma, (97)
Not only are babies blessings to the elderly, but the old are good for babies too.  At 97, Mama, my grandma plays with her great grandchildren (she has 7!) and often can be seen carrying them when they are little.  Some people think that older adults are no good to society, but when you see my grandma comfort a baby, you realize that she is no stranger to little kids and has much experience that needs to be utilized!

The moral of the story? Let Grandma and Grandpa hold the baby. It’s healthy for baby, healthy for grandparents, not to mention, it gives you a little break too.  Talk about a win-win-win situation!My hope is to use and teach my cutie to bless others, especially the elderly.  If you’ve got a cutie, consider bringing her/him to visit someone older that you know.  Start with the grandparents and with time, branch out and visit others. 

A few tips:
Don’t do one time visits. Try and visit periodically even if it is once every two months. From my experience, visiting periodically allows you to foster a relationship.  One time visits are more like sympathy visits, in my opinion, and can sometimes make the person feel lonelier. 
If you feel comfortable let the person hold the baby.  While visits are nice, it is nice if the older person can hold the baby and interact with him or her when you visit. Older people tend to get less physical touch as they age and so carrying a baby can be a healthy blessing for them.  
Smile.  Universal language. If you as the parent can’t think of anything to talk about or say, just make sure you smile often and the fact that you care about the person will be communicated.  If baby smiles at the senior too then you’ve got yourself a winning combination.