Eat Up – Foods for Grandma + Friends

Is it August already? Maddie is already 3 months old YESTERDAY and I am enjoying her much. I used to always think that little babies weren’t so cute.  Was I wrong.  I can’t keep myself from saying the word “cute” too many times a day.  It just seems like there aren’t any other fitting words. CUTE. It doesn’t just mean adorable. I think it means oooo, ahhh, precious, funny, amusing, awwww, adorable, just so… CUTE.=)

Anyways… as you know, I spend a lot of time with family. Every Monday night, my family has dinner at my sister’s house and this past Monday was no different.  Kids running around, babies crying, Mom and Dad cooking up a storm, and my grandma sitting in the dining room, tapping her fingers on the table wondering whether there will be anything good for dinner.
Food is a big deal for older people and for those who are cooking for them too. One of our biggest issues (mainly my sister’s and my mom’s) is what kind of food my grandma can eat.  It can be frustrating when you cook up something real delicious only to realize it’s too hard or chewy and it will only be spit back out.  With dentures and toothaches, it really is a challenge to cook something everyday for an older person, especially when you’ve got a husband and kids who might not want pudding for dinner.  Some people suggest pureeing everything, but realistically, do you really want a shrimp and broccoli shake?
Here’s a limited list of things that you might consider when cooking for a parent, grandparent or friend who is aging. A number of the foods are just my grandma’s favorites and a number are also just Chinese dishes, so please feel free to add any other delish foods to the list.  We need to brainstorm because after all, we’ll be needing this list in a few decades.  There’s Ensure, but then there’s so much more!
chicken soup (my sister buys the Chicken Stock from Costco which only requires microwaving.  My grandma loves it!)
any soups (Chinese people love soup so this is a winner!)
smoothies (use milk, strawberries, bananas and other fruits to pack in those nutrients)
tomato egg(Chinese dish)
bread and dips (spinach dip, my grandma loves egglant dip from Trader Joes)
bittermelon and beef (Chinese dish)
tofu, tofu, tofu! (Chinese dish; We use silken tofu and cook it with other meats for flavor. )
steamed fish (Chinese dish; use ginger and some scallions too; very delish and healthy!)
Laughing Cow cheese (The ones with wax on the outside)
Jello of all kinds
deviled eggs/egg salad
noodle soup (fish balls and lettuce)
If you’d like to send in recipes, feel free to send them to