Hearing the Same Story Over and Over Again…

Update: I first published this in 2012, six years ago!!  At the time my grandma was not a centenarian. Mama passed at 102 just this January and looking back,  I couldn’t agree more with what I wrote here.  Doesn’t it feel good to know you agree with yourself? 

When I hang out with Mama, my grandma, there are times where I get tired of hearing the same story over and over again.  Remember the movie, Fifty-First Dates, when Drew Barrymore had amnesia (or so I remember) and repeated the same question over and over again? She just couldn’t remember.

“Did I ever tell you when…” Mama will often ask me excitedly.  About 99% of time, I’ve already heard the story of when she was pregnant with my dad and had to walk two hours to the hospital or how she got separated from her sister once and someone kindly let her stay at their place overnight and gave her food to eat.  I enjoy hearing the passion and excitement in her voice and I love how vividly she remembers things that happened so so long ago.  But there ARE times you do get tired.
Maybe you’re tired of hearing the SAME story over and over and over and over again.   Before you decide to only half listen, have you recorded your grandpa or grandma or parents story somehow?  Earlier this year I took the time to record some of Mama’s stories.  Of course, it was the 100 millionth time that I’d heard her talk about some of these stories, BUT I know one day I will be very very glad that I have them on file.