Fashion Help from the Elders

If you know me, you know that I’m a reuse and recycle kinda girl.  I am not afraid of handmedowns and I am a fan and frequent thrower of clothing swaps.

A few years back, I stared at this pair of khakis from Banana Outlet for about 30 minutes until I finally concluded that $25 was a little too much.And I guess I didn’t really need the pants.  The law of delayed gratification worked for me because only a few months later I found the same exact pair of pants at a thrift store for less than $5. Still great condition.

In addition to this great piece of advice, my other fashion secret is that I love wearing my grandparents clothes/accessories! Now before you start criticizing my wardrobe, I do know that some of my sweaters look and are in fact “Grandma” sweaters.  Sometimes I hit jackpot though.  In my opinion, old things are AKA vintage AKA original and pretty stylish sometimes.  Last month my grandma was donating some of her clothes and we found this really pretty pin while rummaging through her stuff.  My grandma, who I call Mama, didn’t want it so she gave it to me. I don’t wear pins so my first reaction was that I didn’t really want it. BUT it was pretty.
After being ignored for a few weeks, I recently had the AHA! moment I was waiting for.  The result: one of my new favorite accessories! Take a look…

Like it? Have you ever taken a piece of your mom, grandma, grand-aunt’s closet and included it in your own outfit? Could people tell?  The moral of the story… one man’s trash or donation is another person’s treasure! When I showed Mama my new necklace, she broke out in smile. Fashion advice from the elders!