What Its Like – Living with Grandparents/Parents

Pictures and blogging are the only way I can describe what life is like living with and caring for a grandparent. I usually portray the joys; sometimes I touch on frustrations.  When living with my grandparents, I used to kiss them before bed every night (shh… even after college=)). Don’t be fooled guys because in addition to kisses, there were times I got fed up and yelled at them too.

I don’t have the talent to document through video, but I recently came across this amazing documentary called The Sandwich Generation by Julie Winokur and her husband, Ed Kashi, that embraces so much of what life is like living with with an older person.  Though my grandparents are/were so healthy and did not have advanced dementia like Julie’s father did, I completely identify with Julie and Ed’s children.    My two sisters and I were one bread slice and my grandparents were the other that smushed my parents to stress and exhaustion. As years have passed and I have a baby of my own (can’t believe it), I still care for my grandma, which can make me, as young as I am, feel smushed at times too.

The Sandwich Generation has been featured on Good Morning America, National Geographic Magazine, MSNBC, AARP and rightfully has won awards for its work.  Julie has given me permission to share her trailer on my blog (Thank you Julie!). Check out the rest (which is really good) at Talking Eyes Media. It gives you perspective into their life, my life and possibly yours in the coming decades.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/1340561 w=500&h=377]
The Sandwich Generation – Trailer from Talking Eyes Media on Vimeo.