Two Years in Review and other celebrations

I missed the TWO year anniversary of the About Being Old blog and I’m sad that I didn’t get to do a big hurrah on that day.   Oh well. Although my time is more limited than when I first started this site and posts are few and far between, I still love having the opportunity to blog and to share the things I’ve learned with you all.  This week has been full of celebrating Sunday being the beginning of it.   It was my first Mother’s Day (so special) and this week my baby celebrated her 1st birthday. Did I mention that my birthday is this week as well? Yes, it happens to be the big 3-0.  So when baby gets older, she can give me a gift on Mother’s Day and then I can give it back to her on her bday and then she can give it back to me on my birthday.  We’ll have so much fun!

Since its been two years, I thought I’d reflect some on the past two years.  Ironically, I think I only have time to reflect on two very awesome things. Thank God for it all.

I have readers! I love writing and I love writing about the things I’ve learned while living and working with seniors. I love being able to just write random thoughts about growing up too, but it’s so much more fun and extremely encouraging to be able to share this with more than just my circle (family and friends).  The goal of this blog was really to be able to share the things I’ve learned with other people my age no matter who they are and it’s exciting to see that other people my age and even NOT my age have read and gained some perspective/insight from the lessons I’ve learned.  Thus far, I’ve had readers all over the country, though mostly in MD, and some from even out of the country.  To date, has also had at least 20,000 hits, which I find really encouraging.

It’s down on paper.  Whether people read these posts or not, it has been a major accomplishment to at least document some of the biggest lesson and memories that have influenced my passion for caring for the older generation.  I had been meaning to write the post “Why I Care So Much for my Grandparents” since the beginning of my blog (took me over a year to finally write it!). The same is true for the series, A Dissection of Old Age Grumpiness (Post 1, Post 2, & Post 3), and the Dignity of Risk post among others.  Just getting these written and then being able to share these thoughts was important to me.  Mission accomplished!

Thank you to all of you guys who have been reading and even more, I hope that what I share helps you at whatever place in life you may be.