Crochet Masterpiece

I learned to crochet when I was pretty young, only because my grandma tried to teach me to knit and it was just too hard. Instead of two sticks, she gave me one and since then I have been a crocheting monster.  For years, I’ve only known one or two stitches which has limited me to making scarf after scarf for myself and friends and family (I don’t think anyone is quite that impressed with my scarves anymore).  I always managed to entertain myself by simply changing the yarn color.

My grandma happens to be the crochet guru since she used to be a home ec teacher.  Her skills are so perfected that when she tries to teach me new stitches, I often cannot follow her.  She has macular degeneration so her eyes are not that great, however, if you put yarn and a knitting or crochet needles in her hands, she is a speedy monster in making things!  Her eyes stay closed and she makes things with perfect tension and ease.
While many people have learned to crochet by book and patterns, I’ve had to rely on memory and have worried at times that when my grandma passes away, I won’t be able to remember what she’s passed down to me.  This past year, I made it my goal to learn how to read patterns.  A friend of mine gave me a baby crochet book and that was a sign that I really needed to expand
Problem #1: my grandma doesn’t read English and doesn’t understand the patterns in the book.

Problem #2: neither could I!
So I went to the local library and joined in on one of their weekly crochet clubs.  The group members were super nice and literally after one hour,  I learned the basics of reading patterns.  Mind you, the final product was after many practice runs.
Here’s to cute booties! Happy Memorial Day!