A few updates

I apologize for being MIA for the past two months. A lot of has happened.  A few updates:

1.  For about a month my blog was unaccessible.  Thanks to godaddy and the awesome people at google, I now have my www.aboutbeingold.com domain BACK and you should be able to visit my page for regular updates.  Life now includes a baby and work, trying to coupon, cleaning up all the time and spending time with husband, family and friends. So while my blogging life will not involve daily updates, I will be updating. Please do come visit my page often. You are absolutely welcome!
2.  My blog is a bit misleading because the tagline says “Thoughts on aging at 27+”.  It’s not intentional to mislead you because I started blogging at 27 but I’ve gotten “How in the world are you 27?!?!” from some friends.  Let the truth be told. I actually hit a huge milestone in May and have reached a whole new decade. The big 3-0!  While I do like being able to say that I’m 20 something, I am going to be mature about this and be a proud 30 something.  Shout outs to especially all the other ladies out there who have recently hit their 30’s. I think 30’s is where the cool people really are.=)
3. Finally, while this blog has included thoughts about the elderly and the older part of aging, in the coming months you may start seeing more posts that may not be about older adults in anyway and instead are just be ramblings about my new decade.  Writing is my therapy so I’ve decided not to limit my posts but to expand knowing that some of you may be interested in reading about other parts of my life.  Who knows, cloth diapers, planning a birthday party, clothing swaps, recipes, etc. may be on the menu for the rest of 2013.
For now, here’s a pic from my Maddie and Mommy DriveBy BirthdayBash in May.  We both hit a milestone so decided to celebrate together.=)