Give a Kiss to Grandparents Day

Much to my ignorance, my husband told me today is Grandparents Day.  This morning I had an inkling that baby and I should try and visit her great grandpa and I am so glad we did!  He’s in his 90’s and I’m pretty sure doesn’t get too many hugs/kisses so I was excited that my 15 month old was actually offering kisses today and gave him one smack dab on the cheek.  Blowing kisses is really her specialty.  As teenagers or adults you may get hugs from friends (at least a pat on the back), kisses from your kids or significant others, parents, whatever, but many older adults, unless they’re especially blessed probably don’t get any of that much-needed physical affection.  Ever think about that?  For some reason, I think about it a lot, which is why I always give my grandma a big hug and kiss, even on nonholidays=) and yes I did today! Its a way I try and remind my grandma that she’s loved and that though all her other friends/family may have passed, there is SOMEONE who still loves having her around.  Thankfully for her, she gets lotsa kisses and lotsa hugs and we all really love having her around.

So now that I know what special holiday it is today, I’m naming tomorrow (as an official holiday namer) as “Give a Kiss to Grandparents Day”.  Yes, that’s right, tomorrow, September 10th, is the day that you should drive over, visit Grandma or Grandpa or both and just give him/her a really big kiss/hug. It will take 2 second (hopefully not longer) and it will mean so so so so much.  Hopefully its not the only kiss Grandma/Grandpa gets from you all year.

Some people think old people are boring and leave them be, but give them a little TLC tomorrow and show them truly how beautiful and wonderfully made they are.  Here’s to Give a Kiss to Grandparents Day!  Best of wishes and feel free to share your stories on how yours went=).