Call Me Martha

If you know me, you know that I don’t like spending money nor do I have much money to spend. Though I grew up in rich Bethesda, my family always lived a really frugal lifestyle.  I looked like a boy most of my childhood with big clothes and ugly hair, millions of handmedowns and our walls were white, never painted. My grandparents lived with us and I think it was through them that I really thought we were poor. My grandpa had jars of sugar hidden underneath a sheet covering his TV stand and he always had stashes of Coke as if he were still in the war.  We could never throw anyway anything that was remotely reusable because my grandma rummaged through the trash.  When you wanted to throw something out, we waited until my grandparents were visiting my cousins in Canada.

When Kev and I got married, some church friends gave us four IKEA dining chairs they weren’t using.  I love them, but when I was pregnant, one of my sisters told me that eventually I would have to childproof as they were pretty flimsy. Just last month, my niece and the chair toppled over.
So since that conversation, I’ve been on the lookout for sturdy chairs.  The problem? Chairs are really so expensive!  A multipurpose chair at Home Depot costs about $20. Multiply by 4 and I’m $100 poorer and I still have ugly chairs. Really for 4 nice sturdy chairs, it could cost around $200 (which is probably on the low end).
Two weeks ago, I went to the Habitat Restore and chairs there were again $40 and up for used sturdy chairs. I was really thinking of buying chairs there and reupholstering them but I am glad I was patient and didn’t buy ugly chairs for that price because the next day I went to an estate sale (thanks to my awesome husband who took care of baby) and stumbled upon THE AWESOMEST CHAIRS ever.  Umm… I actually went to buy yarn which is why my husband thought I was little crazy when I brought home 4 chairs (which he thought were pretty ugly) and a small thin storage cabinet (with some yarn, some cute boxes, etc.)
The cost?
4 sturdy ugly chairs – $35
1 storage cabinet – $5
5 skeins of yarn – $1
3 cute boxes – $3
1 cute chalkboard – $2
Total – $46
Okay, so lets cut to the chase.  Here is my awesome project!  Props to the Capilis for use of their staple gun and my friend, Joann (last name: Fabrics) for opening up a new store in Wheaton.  And to my husband, for allowing such craziness in our small home.
Total cost of reupholstering = around $15 or less
Total cost of cloth and chairs – $50 for 4 sturdy cute chairs!