So So thankful

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. No gifts to get, the cold weather, hot food, turkey runs, turkey bowls, and just a day RESERVED to be thankful.  When this time rolls around, I always try to remember to be thankful specifically to God because the good things in my life are not randomly here but I believe that every good and perfect gift ultimately is from him.  It is because of his graciousness that I get to have what I have and I am so blessed. This year I have a lot to be thankful for:

Fishing in the bitter cold!

1.  Dad is with us!  After being diagnosed with cancer in July, the numbers and facts left me wondering how long Dad would be with us and if he would be able and quite honestly here to celebrate Thanksgiving with us.  Praise God he is feeling well at this time and is here to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family!  God continues to remind me that life and our relationships are such precious gifts and need to be cherished.=) Love you, Dad!

2.  One big happy family this Thanksgiving.  For the first time in years, my whole family is here for Thanksgiving.  My sister and her husband were in Singapore for awhile and so this is the FIRST year where her family will join us for Thanksgiving.  Usually we send them a picture of the good food and this year they can to taste it for themselves.  My aunt is even in town and I am so thankful because it is also her first Tgiving with our family.  Yum yum!

3.  Mommymoments and a sweet baby.

Don’t be fooled by pictures because for me, the first year of motherhood was extremely difficult. Now that baby’s past a year I find I can enjoy her more.  I love her talking, her kisses, and her smiley face and giggles.  Much of the frustration and tears from trying to deal with her eczema and allergies are gone and I am SO thankful that I finally know a lot of different things she can eat that are dairy free, etc.  I am so thankful for this more peaceful time in motherhood (though it may not last long) and I have a greater appreciation for basic foods like milk, eggs, seafood, peanut butter, etc.  And even though I don’t get to eat them as much, I am still so thankful that though small and light, Maddie is healthy and full of jibberish and joy=).

The list can continue on and on!!! Happy Thanksgiving! May you too give thanks to God this holiday for the good things he has done in your life.