Messy Hair with Compassion

I still hate blowdrying my hair and I’ll admit that I rarely comb it.  Throughout the years many people have told me that their cute hair really only takes “5 minutes”.   Perhaps with some training and major discipline, good hair is possible.  On the days I do comb, its funny because many people notice.  Today I half straightened my hair and my 3-year-old nephew told me, “I like your new haircut!”

Nonmessy on Christmas!

I do actually fancy nice hair, but when I sit back and think, the 5-10 minutes that it takes to straighten, to blow dry, to comb and then to style, sometimes just isn’t worth it to me.   Maybe its because I still haven’t perfected my hair-caring skills.  And at the heart of it, I’ll always be a sweatpants kinda girl.  Nowadays, with baby, there is a battle going on in my head if I have that extra 30 minutes or hour.  Should I visit my grandparents, email or call up a friend, clean up the mess in my living room, take a quick nap, or comb my hair, blow dry it for 10 minutes?

Every once in awhile, I find myself encouraging myself to spend that little extra minute to really fix my hair all nice. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that while there is nothing wrong with looking good, I much rather spend my time writing another card to someone or just caring and loving on the people in my life.  I think I’ll go with messy or ponytail if it means I’ve got more time for compassion.