My New Career in Styling and Why I Love Old Things

I sure am no fashion stylist, but I was pretty proud of my outfit today.  When my grandpa, Yeye, left this earth three years ago and we started clearing out his belongings, I am so glad I held onto some of the things that reminded me of him the most.  Here’s my outfit in a bit of a blur:

Today’s “new” accessory
Aside from black boots, the two key accessories that made today’s outfit were my grandpa’s scarf and belt.  I was happy to find (after three years of owning it) that the scarf is actually 100% cashmere and super soft and warm!  The belt though a little raggedy happens to be one of my favorite belts and is the authentic leather.  How’d I fit my grandpa’s belt? Well…. first of all, he was pretty trim all along. Secondly, he left behind his belt hole puncher (pretty nifty!) which allowed me to add extra holes.  And so, though Yeye is no longer with us, I love that his fashion sense carries on.  Now tell me fashionistas, how’d I do??
SCARVES have been in for quite a while!