Amazed. When You Think You Know Your Parents.

At least 60 years separate my grandparents from myself and so in my mind, my grandparents have always been the “old”ones.  I’m starting to realize that aside myself, my parents are getting old too and so I guess part of my blog ought to reference them a bit.  A little about my parents. They’re ordinary Chinese hardworking parents. Immigrated from overseas, earned their college degrees in the U.S.  They’ve worked their jobs in the U.S., raised three awesome girls (wink wink), cared for my grandparents in their home for 30 years or so and so on. They work hard as all Asians do of course, but over the years I’ve been amazed at how they are so much more than hard work and the American dream of making money.  Behind all of their hard work, they know what life should be really about and have taught my sisters and I that life is more than the cute outfits, nice homes, big shot careers, winning medals, earning that six figure income. It’s more than luxury or just being comfortable. And it’s more than about ourselves.

Since last July, my dad has been living with small cell cancer.  Fear, anxiety, pain, uncertainty. Its all been here and there and so really if there is anytime to be thinking about yourself, I would think that it should be allowed and actually completely acceptable at least in this season of his life.
Just check out #5 in this past Sunday’s church bulletin.  Amazed and touched by my dad (Pastor To) and mom and I am blessed to be in the front seat watching how when we are submissive to God, he can use our toughest times to bring his goodness in such beautiful ways.
No need to always hide away, throw up our hands or give up when you still have life in you.