Lessons of a New Mom – All About Pants

After 1.5 years of mothering, I continue to learn a lesson that I’m sure my mother and many others will testify to — your hard work may never be appreciated.

I’ve spent a lot of time making allergy free fresh food for my little girl and have seen it catapulted onto furniture and carpet. I’ve put ointment and moisturized Maddie multiple times a day to ease her eczema and yet she probably doesn’t remember.  Just recently, I have learned this lesson to be all too true. Those precious beautiful pants.

So the story is that my little girl only had cotton pants last year and as the winter months approached, I felt convicted to get her a warmer pair of pants.  To save money and to be ultra resourceful, I decided I wouldn’t buy, but I would make this pair of pants.  I’ve never crocheted pants before, so after months of crocheting, screwing up and redoing and redoing and crocheting, in January 2014, I completed what I consider to be the best pair of pants ever.

They were cute, versatile, easy to coordinate with tops and of course, I spent countless hours making them.  On top of that, I was and am especially proud of the fact that aside from the months of man hours to make them, the whole project cost less than a dollar. I had bought 5 skeins (rolls) of yarn at an estate sale for $1 and the yarn was good stuff!

She really liked them! But now, sadly, perhaps after a wash or maybe after I foolishly bought her two pairs of fleece pants, she refuses to put them on.  So while they aren’t being used anymore, here is the memory of her awesome pants.=)  Props again to Winyan SooHoo for giving me inspiration to do this.   To see other masterpieces, check out this post.

Pattern from Little Crochet by Linda Permann