My Spring Break – Camping with the Tom’s

I thank God for the time/opportunity to write!  So before I was married and had kids, I always thought once you had kids, you couldn’t do anything.  A lot of us think that. Thus the babymoons and the many trips before that little one comes.  Forget having friends. Forget grad school. Forget running races. Once you have kids you need to stay home all the time! Having a baby does make things logistically tougher and it can make you extremely tired, but I think I’ve come to realize that parenthood need not keep us from doing all things.  And parenthood need not suck out the joy and fun in life.  In fact, I think kids make life very rich (for those of you who are afraid to start having some=)).

Ready for our trip!

Prior to parenthood, I always dreamt of going camping with a baby and thought that people who could take their young kids camping were just entirely awesome.  While I am no wild child, I do love tackling challenges.  So this springbreak, Kevin and I decided to take Maddie camping at a local state park.  When Maddie was 10 months we went cabin camping at Point Lookout State Park and that was awesome. Sometime after that we planned a last minute tent camping trip which turned out a fail.

Besides the fact that it was 35 freezin degrees at night I really did enjoy the trip.  Aside from bringing Maddie who is 23 months, I am also pregnant (2nd trimester) so I give Kevin major props for even considering camping with a dramatic toddler and a round bellied woman?  So… Kevin gathered the wood. He chopped it. He made the fire. He made dinner. He washed the dishes. He put up the tent.  Um… he just did all the work!  If it weren’t for him, Maddie and I would have froze and starved to death especially since Kevin sacrificed by giving his ladies the two lone sleeping bags and thermarests to keep us comfortable.

the fire!

Being away from technology and just being in God’s creation is something so healthy for me. It is all about getting fresh air! So despite a chilly night and Maddie waking up screaming in the middle night and her being super clingy which meant Kevin and I didn’t get to sit back and relax as much, I really did enjoy this spring break trip!  Hopefully next time we can go with other people.  For now, here were some of our favorite moments from our trip!

watching Daddy setup the tent.
Fresh air!
Daddy fishing early while Maddie was sleeping.
Freezing our butts off!
Early wakeup time but a pretty view!
tent fun!
Maddie praying for her cousins while setting up camp.