One of my New Favorite Things – Bekvam Step Stool

While I do still hope to write about aging in my blog, there are other things I want to share that always flood my mind. For weeks, I have been dying to share with you one of my new favorite things. Yes, its the Bekvam Step Stool. My husband and I bought it for Maddie’s birthday last month and I have to say that it is a hit, both in my mind and hers.=)

When my precious girl turned 2, I knew everyone else would likely give her toys or food and as her mother, I really wanted to beat out the competition. The gift had to be functional, memorable and of course, budget friendly.  The current stool that Maddie has is one that Kevin made in Boy Scouts and she has always loved it. She carries it around, sits on it at her “work” table”, sits on it in the corner when she plays with her toys, eats on it, etc. I happened to paint it a cute color (with free paint!), which has upped its cuteness factor by 100.  As Maddie has grown, however, I realized that as a stool, it really can elevate you so much (which at times is a good thing).

The issue came though when I realized that Maddie loves washing her hands. She loves washing her hands and every time she wanted or needed to wash her hands, I was her “stool”.  As my belly continues to grow and as Maddie seized every opportunity she could to wash her hands, I realized a two step stool was a must in our home.

Two requirement for this stool was cost and size.  I didn’t want to spend bookoo bucks on it nor did I want an additional piece of chunky furniture in our place.  So after searching online, I found the one and only Bekvam Step Stool.  To make her day extra special, I brought Maddie to Ikea for special field trip on her birthday to buy the stool.  We’ve had it for about a month and here is why I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

– Its sturdy yet inexpensive (a mere $14.99 at Ikea).
– It encourages Maddie to do things on her own because she too can look in the bathroom mirror and wash her hands, wash her face, etc.   Brushing her teeth is something she now LIKEs to do because she can climb up and see herself in the bathroom mirror.
– I no longer have to carry her everytime to wash her hands!
– The stool is multifunction.  It serves as desk for her activities and she also loves to eat on it.
– Its simple and cute.