Waiting Out the Long 9 Months

I am almost almost there and very ready and feeling big enough to welcome baby #2 into this world.  Whereas sometimes it can feel like you’re waiting forever, this pregnancy really has gone by ever so quickly.  My #1 “big guy” as she calls herself vies for my attention so much so that for much of my pregnancy, I’ve forgotten I was pregnant at all.  At one point, I remember contemplating how much fun it would be to bike to work only to remember that I was 5 months pregnant.

April festivities

This time around, though I haven’t journaled as much, I have been just as intentional in making sure I celebrate every month.  Sometimes it just means I hang out with friends or I do something little but I need reminders throughout to help me remember how blessed I am to be able to carry a healthy and oh my goodness, extremely active baby.  What I love about celebrating each month is it gets me excited rather than bogged down by the nausea, the loss of motion, the urge to pee every two seconds and so on.  Okay so nothing gets you excited about those things, but at least it helps you with the wait.  I can be pretty grumpy so thank goodness for these monthly celebrations/events that helped me through.

Mother’s Day when we all escaped

April – I refused to let pregnancy keep us from having doing things so this month, Kevin and I took Maddie and my still small potato baby in the womb camping at Greenbrier State Park.  Fun, tiring and relaxing all at once.That same week, Kevin and I came back and had our first baby reveal party. My sister was the only one who knew the gender of the baby and baked an awesome cake to help us find out the gender!

Mads and her cousin getting ready for their 1st canoe ride!

May – Celebrated my bday, went out with my sisters and my mom (JUST us, no kids) for Mother’s Day dinner. My sister and I also snuck out of the house and went to the theater to watch Mom’s Day Out thanks to be my awesome husband who willingly babysit Maddie and my sister’s 4 kids + my grandma.  I also ran a 4 miler on Memorial Day!

June – Last race of my pregnancy. Ran the FC
A 5k Endurance Run
July – Beach trip just with my girlfriends (There were many naptimes, a lot of eating, and just lotsa laughing. So good for the soul.

August – Had family vacation with the family thanks to a family friend at the Chesapeake Bay. And yes, I went canoeing with big belly and even took Maddie out for her first canoe ride!

And now comes a few more days, weeks or maybe a month of waiting. We’ll see!