Special special special!

Our sweet Baby Samuel turned 12 weeks this week!  From the time I found out I was expecting I knew he was going to be a special baby.  And since he’s been born, he’s only confirmed it ten million times more.  He is the sweetest cutest little thing! Translation: He’s already become a momma’s boy.=) He’s just soooo cute.

Last July when I found out about my dad’s cancer, that’s when I started wondering if I should have baby #2.  I wasn’t really ready for another one but God gave me a change of heart from “uhhhh NOT YET!” to “uhhh maybe??”  Children truly are blessings and very cute, but from having my first sweet cute Maddie I’ve found that cute can also be defined as lots of hard work and patience.  James 1 says “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God…”  So unsure and afraid, I had a heart to heart talk with God last year asking him to give me another baby, maybe…if he thought it was a good idea.

I found out I was expecting this past January and all throughout the pregnancy I prayed asking that God would allow Dad to meet my baby.   By God’s grace, it is a miracle that Dad is with us each and every day and after NINE months of pregnancy, Dad was able to meet his namesake, baby Samuel=).

So the name “Samuel” was chosen mainly because we want our baby boy to love and humbly follow God just like my dad does.  One of the verses that was imprinted in my heart as a child was 1 Samuel 16:7, which was another reason why we chose this name.  When I was younger, my dad had me memorize this verse which says “Don’t judge a man by his face or height.” Other versions say “Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”   Even if he is the handsomest boy out there (and yes he is=)) Kevin and I want our baby to know that a humble heart for God is most important.

Speaking of name choices, months before, I was hanging out with my nieces and nephews (all under 9) showing them how baby moved all the time in my tummy.  He really did!  I asked for some name suggestions and my 4-year-old nephew suggested the name “Flash”. Thankfully, my 5-year-old niece also looked at me and said, “Samuel’s a very nice name!”   It was so funny because “Samuel” was already a strong contender.  That same day, my nieces and nephews even asked baby what name he liked the most.  Thankfully my boy did not respond to “Flash.”  But when we brought up the name, “Samuel” from inside the womb, baby gave a strong kick, no joke!
God’s timing is also so very perfect.  In the days before Samuel was born, I asked God if he would allow the baby to come before Wednesday, September 10th, since my dad would be starting another round of chemotherapy then.  Things weren’t looking good for Dad at the time as with each round of chemo, his symptoms were getting worse.  On Wednesday, September 3rd, I attended our church prayer meeting and I shared my prayer request with three other ladies that I was hoping baby would come before September 10th.  My water broke just a few days after those prayers and after many contractions and long hours of pushing, and then surgery, I was so grateful and in awe of God’s timing when our baby Samuel arrived Tuesday at 1:00am, just in time to see his grandpa before chemo and the rest of his big awesome family.  GRAND entrance, drum rolll, meet my baby boy Samuel.