My Time with Grandma (Now with Kids)

Here’s my precious 2nd!

My blog posts has diminished to only milestone posts and exhaustion is the main reason. I am determined to keep trucking.  So as many of you know, Mama, my grandma is one of my best friends, I’d say. Sometimes I like to say she is one of my girrrrlllfriends or you could also say she’s my other sister.  I see her as often as I see my sisters and she makes me laugh just like friends do.  She’s turning 100 this year!!  Oh yes.

In the past few years and months I have noticed that my interaction with my grandma has decreased.  I see her just as often if not more than before I had kids, meaning 3-4 times a week or even more. Unfortunately, I don’t talk with her as much or have as many of the deep kinda conversations we used to have.  I literally used to call her to talk randomly or sit next to her and chat.

What happened?? To be honest, she started bugging me to have children.  I listened, of course, and had my first. And soon after, she told me everyone should have at least two kids. Come a few years later, I now have my precious second. Here’s my analysis of the situation.

When I had my first, my attention for Mama, my grandma, started shifting to my daughter.  I’d have to feed or change a diaper so things did change.  During naps I still could have some quality time with Mama.  As time goes on, Maddie now wants my full attention and pulls me to play with her or help her eat, etc. etc. leaving it hard to converse or having any meaningful conversation.  Partly because talking with Mama requires that you sit next her due to her hearing.

With two kids, there are more diapers to change and less time to talk.  Attention as well as energy is given first to my kids naturally and thus hanging out with grandma or at least talking with her the way we used to isn’t so easy anymore.  Even when I have a spare moment, I find that while I have the time, sometimes I don’t have the energy to speak loudly or I’m on the couch just trying to take a nap. Is there any solution?

Maybe its just a part of life. Like when you kids you can’t hang out the way you did when you were single.  Or how you don’t quite have the time to stay up watching movies all night when you become a parent.  Though I feel guilty at times not to have as much attention for my grandma, I’m not sure but maybe she isn’t all too disappointed.  After all, she did request me to motherhood and maybe just knowing she is so loved is good enough for her.  For now, our 1 on 1 dates and old crocheting and chit chatting times are from the past and have been replaced with periodic kisses and hugs, snuggling with her new great grandson, watching my kids and my other nieces and nephews living life and playing around her and things of that nature.   Much love to you on this Valentine’s Day!