Life Now

I haven’t been blogging lately. But deep down, I have felt the tug to keep writing. Part of me is very busy reading, playing, listening, disciplining and feeding Maddie. Chasing, tickling, carrying, picking up and feeding baby Samuel.  Oh my goodness, I’m tired! So I do have valid excuses not to blog.

At the same time, I remember that I love to write. I need to actually. And I remember that Dad, he loved and wanted so much to be able to write.  I didn’t have his brains in common. And I wasn’t much like him otherwise, but I have always liked writing just as he did. Many of you knew that he wanted more time, mainly because he wanted to write more.  That was the plan.
Since my blog is “about being old”, I can tell you that my reluctance to blog is partly because I’ve come to experience why being old is not fun at all.  Losing a parent is not something I expected to experience in this decade.  Not at all.  But in honor of my dad and for my own sanity, more frequent dates with my blog is something I’m going to try for.
Some of you know that I worked with Dad to start his own blog, We spent awhile trying to pick the perfect URL and we launched the site about a month before he passed.  Despite his weakness, his pain and his decline, it was special that Dad was excited about starting the site.  I remember his passion and desire to be able to live longer so he could write more. More about what God had taught him in life. We managed to work on one post together. He brained and inspired it and I just put together the words.  Please do check it out when you get the chance (Boxing It). I also wrote a tribute for Dad’s memorial service that I invite you to check out as well.

More next time.