The Outcome of Overnight Duty with Grandma – Did We Make It?

After doing overnight duty with my grandma and my two kiddies, my conclusion is that some of the sweetest moments come from challenging yourself.  I’d say our two night, three day stay went much smoother than expected, thanks to the food my mom prepared and many visitors!  The task of caring for an 11 month old and 3 year old AND an 100 year old may sound a bit crazy.  Yes, there were some tiring and “dangerous” moments but consider this, even old ladies at 100 are quite capable and helpful if you give them the chance.

How Old Ladies can be Helpful

When I had to run out to the car during the day to get something, I was ready to carry Baby Samuel out to the car with me. As I put on my shoes with baby in one hand, my grandma suggested that she could hold my squirmy boy while I ran out to the car.  Some people might have yelled at me for taking the risk, but my grandma has more “muscle” then many people may think.  I might add that she also has 7 decades of experience as a mother, grandmother and great granny.  To be safer, I did run out to the car quickly.  And when I returned, I was amazed that my active boy who I can rarely keep in my arms was cute as could be with Mama. I even had time to snap this picture!

Staying with Mama was actually very refreshing. With my husband away for the weekend, Mama offered an extra hand when she could in addition to entertainment and an extra set of eyes to watch my kids.
Quality Time with Chips/Ice Cream

Is that not awesome?

I’ve mentioned in an earlier post that now with two, quality time with my grandma does not happen too often. I may see my grandma several times a week, but I often have other moving, chatty and cute responsibilities that keep me from giving her TLC.  This weekend was nice because there was plenty of time for talking and hanging out, like the good ‘ol days when I used to live with her. =) It was also fun for me to teach Maddie how hanging out with older people CAN be fun.

Yes, that’s Pringle for breakfast.

My favorite part was hearing Maddie giggle when she saw my grandma rummaging in the cabinet after lunch looking for something to eat.  In the end, we realized that all she wanted was to find her can of Pringles (which she happened to eat during her breakfast, lunch AND dinner on one day).

“I like chips!” Maddie kept saying

And in response, I told Maddie that when she’s 100 she too can eat chips whenever she wants.

Talking Louder, Helping the Old

What made our stay especially meaningful was that I had the chance to teach Maddie how to interact with my grandma. When we are at my sister’s house, Maddie usually is playing with the other kids and doesn’t talk much with my grandma, but from these few days, I made it a point to teach her that when she talks to Tai Po (great grandma in Chinese), she had to use her loud voice and often stand right in front of her. We had a lot of chances to practice too!

No complaints with ice cream!

While my grandma was helpful, Maddie was a HUGE help too and I loved watching help to care for my grandma. While I prepared some meals for Mama, Maddie helped me to bring over utensils to her. And then she would always watch Mama carefully when she got up to walk. While my sister’s four kids live with my grandma and are already accustomed to helping her with daily tasks, Maddie hasn’t had to step up until now.

On our last day, I gave Maddie ice cream to celebrate how proud I was of her.  She was considerate and kind to Tai Po, which deserved sprinkles too!  She enjoyed it definitely and my grandma all weekend had no complaints.  Success!