Making Presentable Greeting Cards with a Toddler – Watercolor edition

This beautiful card was her first watercolor greeting card.
Given by “Maddie and Mommy” to my aunt.
I have gone through different fazes, but I have always loved making greeting cards.  Before the “high fashion” scrapbooking craze began, I used Crayola Markers and plain computer paper to do it all.  That was in middle school.
Very truthfully, I sometimes enjoy making cards more than giving them.  When I had my first, Maddie, I was able to squeeze in some cardmaking during naps or after bed, but now with two sweet ones, my “freetime” is usually spent washing dishes or doing “Mommy” jobs, which aren’t usually that fun.  What I used to do to decompress is something that now must be done in the midst of my kids. Or not at all.

With a three year old and baby, making cards has much potential to be chaotic and not relaxing or fun at all.  Do I allow her to mess up my nice scrapbooking paper?  Is she going waste my expensive GluDots or glusticks?  Is this card going to be presentable?!?!

While doing watercolors with Maddie this year, I remember loving her work. It was quite beautiful and especially for a 3 year old!  I had an AHa moment and cropped aka CUT her art up (which traumatized her a little bit at first) and in the end, we were both quite pleased.
How to make a presentable (& personal) greeting card with your toddler:
1. Let toddler use watercolors on plain printer paper.  (put newspaper underneath!)
2. Let paper dry if toddler happens to over watercolor or soak the paper.
3. Use paper cutter to crop artwork.
4. Glue or use scrapbooking adhesive to put on cardstock. Let your toddler use the gluestick and even place the watercolor art on the paper (if you’re brave!)
5. Explain to your toddler that his/her artwork is a way to bless others.  Give the card away!
There you go, the way I have managed to adapt to motherhood.=)
Step 4 – disappearing purple gluestick!
Step 5, Maddie selected one of her cards for someone’s birthday.
Final product. My favorite is on the bottom right=)