The Juicest Bday Cake for Babies Other Health Conscious Folks

For Samuel’s 1st birthday, I was all ready to give him his first bite of cake.  In trying to make a special cake for his birthday, my husband and I thought about the idea of making a watermelon cake, only because our boy loves watermelon. It was just a thought and I didn’t even know what the end product would be.  Until I went to Pinterest.  The inspiration!! We bought a watermelon and hours before the party, I made the easiest yet coolest cake known to man. I am all about easy. And I all about cool!

It was a hit at the party, even with those trying to watch their calories.  Noone had to worry about eating too much of it!  And for moms who are a little weary of giving their precious baby sweets too early, this is one way you won’t have to give in completely to the sugar monster.

This is ALL we did.


1. Cut both sides of the watermelon.
2. Turn the watermelon on the flat side.  Use a sharp knife to trim off the skin making a cylinder.
3. Slice the cylinder creating two “layers” of your cake with about 2 inch thickness (or whatever you prefer).
4. Use papertowels to dry out the watermelon some (otherwise you may have a cake that leaks)
5. Use homemade or storebought whipped cream to ice the first layer on a cake platter. Put second layer of watermelon on and then ice the rest of the cake.
6. Decorate with fruit, sprinkles or whatever you choose!
7. Stick cake in refrigerator for 30 minutes or more. Take cake out only when you are ready to sing!
Making the “batter”
Big Sister Excited!
After eating all the watermelon scraps, the bday boy didn’t taste a lick out of his cake. Everyone else did=).