Sweet Conversations on Lent.

This past Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, I decided to take part in Lent.  I gave up Facebook and will probably automatically upload my posts just so that friends can still keep up with posts if they so desire. Like most people, while I may not post status updates everyday, I tend to go on Facebook when I just don’t want to do anything else, which means everyday.  That must be everyone’s little secret isn’t it?  

For these next few weeks I am hoping that I can use my saved time to reflect more on God’s goodness.  And just to reflect on what’s been going on.

This last Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, made me just really sad.  Dad was still with us last year this time and getting more sick and weak by the days.  At the time he was spending most of his day, very slowly trying to get up….. change…….eat his breakfast…. and it really took all day and all his energy.  I remember how hard he worked to make sure he ate his meals.  Really, lunch time rolled around before he even finished his breakfast.  It literally took him hours to eat what healthy folks can pop in their mouth in minutes. And he was so disciplined to eat, afraid to lose weight and nutrition.  That was Dad with cancer.

I remember about a month or so prior to Dad’s passing when I was at my parents’ house either to keep my dad company or just to visit.  Whatever the case, I remember sitting in the kitchen with Dad when I asked him what he gave up for lent.  For a man with cancer, who knew he had months left to live, I was really taken aback when I realized that he actually gave up something for Lent.

Ice cream. Ice cream…. Can you believe it?  It still touches my heart that Dad would give up something so good when he totally had plenty reason to skip out.  Noone would have judged him.  I guess in my mind, I was thinking that if you’re dealing with cancer, ice cream might be one of those things that give you comfort for even a few minutes, not to mention extra calories that are so easy to swallow.  Talk about cutting down his food options.  Anyways, so this lent, Dad’s on my mind. Missing him much.