Feeding Imaginations and Vocab to my Little Ones

Aside from playgrounds, the library is one of my go-to fave places to bring my kids as a stay at home mom. If I had to actually stay at home all day, I would never make it, but libraries, OHHHH they are awesome for some many reasons.  My husband, Kevin, has a habit of checking out 50 or so books (for the kids and himself) and it used to drive me crazy since we had them everywhere, but now with two kids, having a plethora of books about everything from bugs to trains to even poop (yes) is actually a life saver. Yay for books!

Okay, so what do we usually do when we go to the library?

  1.  The kids run loose and check out books to take home.  Sure its not a playground, but the library is one place where my 3.5 year old and 1.5 yr old are both happy. Samuel at 18 months loves to run around the bookshelves and pull out any loose books from the shelf.   And I love letting Maddie choose a million and ten new books to take home so I am not stuck reading the same one over and over again. I have rediscovered my former love of children’s books.  They stir up imagination, make you laugh and teach you so much!
  2. We check out DVDs.  We try to live according to a fairly tight budget so the library is like BLOCKBUSTER on steroids. FOR FREE. Yes, my favorite word.  In our area, there is a huge selection of DVDS at the library for kids and you can also renew these DVDs up to 3 times.  The beauty of this is that we borrow DVDs long enough until the kids get tired of them and then we can give them back.  They never permanently clutter our house (how refreshing) and Maddie gets to choose whether she wants to watch Dora, Madeline, Berenstein Bears, Arthur, etc. And yes, I do not have to pay a penny to get new ones (unless you lose them or get fines, which can happen=)).
  3. We answer the “Why” or “How” questions.  One of my daughter’s favorite things to do is to ask questions ranging from “How do you make bread?” to “How to chickens make eggs” to “Why is the moon look like that?”  Since I really am no scholar nor would my answers be reliable, I have started making a list of Maddie’s questions  to redirect to the local librarian.  This is a fairly new thing we’ve done and I don’t require it for each visit, but it makes library trips, fun and oddly educational for both of us.  I find great comfort in knowing that I don’t need to know the answer.
  4. We get some tunes for our car rides.  While our normal routine is to check out the Frozen soundtrack over and over again, the library also has a wide selection of tunes that I think are great for entertaining during car rides!

How do you spend your time at the library?