I am copying my friends “currently” page because I love the idea. Here we go.


The sweetest things are: Hearing my daughter sincerely apologize to me when she says mean things to me. Yes, only 3.  Sleeping in without having to attend to anyone. Being able to sleep through the night. Taking naps.  Good quality sleep period.

The most exciting thing: The fact that my taxes are done.   What a relief!

My favorite new activity: Going to the library and checking out some books for meself!  Even though I haven’t read of them, I love the feeling.  Snugging with my two kids in the morning when I don’t have to go anywhere.

The least favorite activity: The neverending laundry to wash, fold and putaway, which eventually gets pulled out of our drawers by my son and thus needs to be put away again.  Dishes, dishes, dishes. I am very adamant that paperplates will have to be a regular part of my future.

Something bugging me lately: My allergies. Between allergies, a baby starting to kick me alot at night, and lack of sleep, I am struggling a little.

My favorite person: At this point and at most times it’s my husband, who gave me a foot massage, cooked for me and helped me move a piece of furniture into the house that I purchased off craigslist all in one night.