The Discipline of Celebration

It must have always been in my blood but I am a fan of celebration.  When I was in college I took a class called “Spiritual Transformation”.  In the class, we learned about practicing spiritual disciplines like simplicity, fasting, silence, etc.  They are all important but did you know that celebration is in fact a spiritual discipline too? YESS, that’s right!IMG_0798

Being a parent or even an adult can sometimes bring a damper on parties, going out and  having the big hurrah’s but I’ve learned that when I remember to celebrate all milestones, big and small, it can totally be just as fun.  This month was a birthday month for both my daughter and I and let me tell you, though her birthday party was technically hers by name, I totally owned it and celebrated as if it were my own.  Creativity and parties bring me excitement!  Pinatas, ice cream sandwich cake, jello, sprinkles, goodie bags, a lollipop tree,  and more. For me, it’s not about being fancy, but really just about celebrating those special days.  Here was our style of celebrating this time around:

  1.  Our One and Only Blueberry Pinata – For her love of blueberries, we had plenty of blueberries in addition to one of the coolest pinatas I’ve ever seen.  Props to my awesome husband for making one with the limited supplies he found in the house the night before.  Mind you, we had no glue in the house….figure that one out!  And even our 20 month old got to take a swing! IMG_0671
  2. A Lollipop Tree for the Lollipop Queen – If you know my daughter, she is quite a fan of lollipops. As a young kid, I remember going to carnivals and playing this game so in honor of Maddie’s love for lollipops and my desire to have a lollipop tree too =), we bought Dums Dums on clearance and a small styrofoam cone from Michaels to make this cool party game.  IMG_0707
  3. Homemade Easy Ice Cream Sandwich Cake – I am no fancy cake decorator, nor am I an expert baker,  but I do love a good and easy cake.  This year’s bday cake was made of ice cream sandwiches and was so supereasy that Maddie helped make it too. There’s something about making your own cake that amps up the excitement!  Did I mention that ice cream sandwiches were also buy 1 get 1 free at Harris Teeter that week?  Yes to easy.  Awesome to on sale and yay for tasty cake!  IMG_0649IMG_0823

    easy to slice!
  4. COLOR – No need to be a fancy cook to have fun party.  In my opinion, all it takes are the little things.  For two straight years, I’ve used this humongo bowl that a good friend gave me to make a fruit/veggie platter.  Even if noone eats, it looks pretty! And yes, the raspberries were sour.=)IMG_0688

    How do you celebrate??