Shopping/Tidying Up my Home

Cleaning is a never ending process. And in my own strange way, I have gained an affinity to tidying up my house.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love washing dishes or doing overflowing loads of laundry.   But when you can’t be spending much money (or you shouldn’t) and you don’t have a cleaning lady to clean up all the new things you could potentially buy, shopping aka tidying up the house, is actually kinda…fun!

Rediscovering things.  Sometimes I put things away and when I come back to find it, it isn’t there.  If you have kids, especially young ones, you know the routine.  I used to have 5-6 chapsticks. And then all of sudden, I became a mom and am thankful when I can find one chapstick (even if it’s not my favorite.)   My little dear Maddie (age 4) likes to take my things and hide them away in her own space (meaning under her bed, in her collection of purses, which often are my purses and so on…)  When I clean up, I often rediscover long lost belongings of mine.  And it makes me really really happy!

For example, the other day, I found concealer that I bought for a friend’s wedding I was in.  Mind you, I don’t buy makeup EVER and I usually wouldn’t pay over $10 for one little thing. But I did.  The last time I saw this tiny concealer was almost a year ago and just the other day as I was cleaning out my daughter’s swim bag, I found it!!!  Other times, I clean out my closet and find a shirt I haven’t seen in a few weeks.  A new shirt! That didn’t cost me anything!  Reuniting with old things is really just as good as shelling out some cash to purchase something new. And honestly, sometimes its better.

Finding Old Treasures.  My sister bought me a kitchen sink stopper for my birthday.  I know, not the typical gift, but my sister knows me and it truly was a good gift.  You see, I have been wanting to deep clean my sink for awhile because I didn’t have a plug for it.  And so she bought me, which in the end was the wrong one.  So for the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about taking a trip to Home Depot to buy one that actually fits my sink.  But thank goodness I didn’t go to Home Depot because yesterday evening, I happened to look under our bathroom sink and low and behold, a new and UNUSED bath/kitchen stopper was under my sink.  Yesss.

Photo on 6-1-16 at 11.23 PM #2
My beautiful sink=)

A clean space (no matter the sq. footage) If nothing else, just having a clean spot that previously was a mess is so refreshing to me.  It’s better than shelling out money to get something new.  Last Saturday, I asked my husband if he could watch the kids for the morning and just give me an hour or two to have time to myself.  What did I do with the time?  It was really nice…I made our bed, tidied up my night table (which had piles of books and random things on it), and then I topped it all off by vacuuming the small strip of carpet on my side of the bed.  Clean carpet and a nice clean strip on my side of the bed?  For me, it gave me the same good feeling you get when you walk into a clean hotel with fresh sheets and no clutter.  Like a breath of fresh air.

At this point in my life, I’ve realized that being grateful for the little things is mandatory.   Anyone else like to shop their home/closet?