There is nothing too glamorous about the last weeks of pregnancy.  Forget the cute pregnancy pictures everyone sees on Facebook. Behind every pregnant woman is some hardwork I tell you!  

I am excited, anxious, impatient and well, feeling very heavy in my last week or two of pregnant life.  Forget tying shoes or even picking up the millions toys and scrap paper that I see piling on my floor. Getting up, reaching down are things of the past…at least until after baby comes.

cedf5-img_0484This morning and this past week I’ve been tasked to write words to post in the new church building in honor and memory of my dad.  Besides feeling excited, anxious and BIG, I have been having enough bittersweet moments just wishing Dad was here.  I mean, as a parent, I have found that though I remember and think about my dad everyday, there are still short people calling “Momma!” that have to be chased after or entertained all the time.  And there’s not much time for writing, lighting candles, remembering.  Every once in awhile, when I stop for a breather or wake up in the middle of night, I do have those moments.  Maybe you’ve had some of them yourself.

Today  I wish my dad here. I want this baby to come out soon, but at the same time, my heart drops a little knowing that while Dad held my other children at the hospital, he won’t be there to hold this little guy enters the world.  A little peek into the grief experienced by a daughter and mom of little ones.=)