Sunday Morning Reflections -Drawing from the Supernatural

IMG_0596.JPGA few weeks ago I wrote about my regular source or how I gain strength as a mom.  I have a new baby, fresh out of the oven, and he is almost 2 weeks old now!  Currently, I am still at home taking it easy aka nursing all the time and changing diapers.  One of my favorite things about staying home is online sermons in addition to more solitude. Oh how I need it.

This morning I tuned into Mclean Bible Church’s online services and I am so glad I did!  Since finding out that I was pregnant with #3, I have noticed a common theme that God has been putting on my heart.  Trust him 100% with it all. 

If you think I’m brave for having a third child, don’t give me so much credit. I had my plan of what I could handle… and then God told me he had another one. Whallah, baby #3. =) As if I haven’t been overwhelmed enough this year. Didn’t God notice my crazy days, my tears, my impatience with my kids and husband, the bags underneath my eyes?  He saw it, but clearly he has another plan for my life.

With his plan, he is teaching me that to raise three kids and to be a good wife and loving sane person/friend, I need to trust him 100% this time around. You see, my husband and I actually have quite a good amount of experience with kids so it has been easy to rely much on our own abilities to raise the first too.  He nannied my oldest niece for awhile, is a teacher, I used to teach at church and coach a lot and I lived with my nieces/nephews when they were little too.  Seems like enough. But once you become a parent, you realize how grandiose and difficult a task it is.  It requires supernatural help not to let your anger get the best of you, etc.  In short, I know that I don’t have the wisdom, strength, energy, patience, joy, love to be a good mom and wife. Not without supernatural help.  Don’t be deceived. I don’t.  This morning’s sermon reminded me that this supernatural power that I need is from God and I, for one, totally need to dig in and spend MORE time drawing from God’s word, the Bible. 5 minutes helps a little, but why spend 5 minutes when I have a secret weapon right at my fingertips?

If I just would read it and follow it. There is power! Any tips from busy people/Momma’s on how to do this? Would be very interested!