How I Waste My Time

I have never had to sit still or do nothing for such a long time. But resting and recovering is definitely essential to the postpartum stage. Especially since I am recovering from a csection and am supposed to take it easy, I’ve found myself sitting around a lot. So today’s ramble is just about how I waste my time.  Aside from Facebook which kind of gets old after you check it too often, I have been using my rest time on the following sites which you may know and love.

Apartment Therapy which talks about living in small spaces (LOVE it).

Ikea which gives you way too many ideas for every single room, hallway and nook in your house. If I was allowed to move heavy items, I would have rearranged our furniture a number of times.=)

And finally, Safeway and Harris Teeter websites.  The truth is, I am dying to be able to go to the grocery store and since I am not cleared yet to drive, shopping at the grocery store sure seems like a luxury right now.  In the meantime, I have been having loads of fun ordering groceries with multiple promo codes from Safeway Delivery.  The great thing is I have gotten free delivery in addition to other freebies and discounts ($15 off my first order!) A good deal always feels good!  Also planning future family meals and ready to do some heavy duty meal planning once I am back up and running.