Melt my Heart Gift Ideas for Baby Sprinkles/2nd or 3rd time Moms

Giving gifts to non first time moms can be quite a drag.  Throughout this third pregnancy, I had plenty of people ask me “What do you need?” Quite frankly, I had nothing exciting or creative to offer my friends.  With a boy and a girl already, the most exciting thing I could dream up was diapers, wipes and snacks…sigh..I know. Not exactly what people are looking are for.

My friends/family happen to be extremely thoughtful and creative. So if you’re in bind as to what to give to your friends who are expecting their 2nd, 3rd, 4th 5th…19th?, here are some of my favorite gifts that were given to us this time around.  I, for one, have been taking notes and plan to copy these ideas for fellow expecting friends:

A gift for Mom – One of my former colleagues and fellow blogger friend gave me the baby essentials (diapers/wipes, etc…) but at our baby sprinkle she also handed me a piece of jewelry because she said that people often give gifts for the baby but they usually don’t remember the mom.  Melt my heart. I was so touched and won over by my friend’s thoughtfulness. Um, how could you go wrong by getting a gift just for the momma?  Check out my friend’s blog at

Snacks for Mom (and the kids, if there are any left)– Getting snacks from friends has been one of the most practical and fun gifts I’ve received thus far.  First of all, if your momma friend plans to breastfeed/pump, hungry days are on its way.  In the beginning a breastfeeding mom is nursing/pumping for their baby usually every 3 hours or less throughout the entire 24 hour day. That’s right. There are NO breaks or vacations from feeding.  This time around I’ve found myself pretty hungry especially in the middle of night when I’ve had to nurse.  At 2,3,4am or whatever dark hour, I decided it is bit rude to wake up your husband to ask for a snack. So by my bed, I have a snack box that my dear husband replenished for me so that I always have something to eat.  Baby is 3 weeks now and I have almost completely cleared through the edible gifts I’ve been given. IMG_2178.JPGIf the snacks that friends gifted me aren’t appropriate for nighttime eating, the best thing is that I can “regift” them as a snack for my kids.  And then if all else fails, I can always stash the snacks in my purse for those “just in case” moments. Which all moms have.

A shipment from Amazon/Amazon Pantry – A friend of mine was unable to attend our baby sprinkle and so a few days before I had baby #3, I got the most glorious box filled with baby necessities, snacks, some chocolate!!! and cleaning products which honestly made me feel more ready to handle the transition to having 3 kids. If you’re looking to encourage your momma friend, check it out.

I’ve also linked to Amazon  just in case you’re interested. (FYI I am now an Amazon Affiliate so the links below are affiliate links).  This generous package included:

Is that not SO nice?

Paper Plates and Products – Again, you may not want to give such bland and temporary gifts, but if your friend already has kids, paper plates and plastic utensils could be a lifesaver when baby comes along.  Less dishes equals less work! So don’t underestimate the beauty of Chinet or Dixie. If you want your gift to be a little more beautiful, go for the patterned plates!

Hope you get some good ideas to gift from this. Go, melt your friends’ heart. Any other fab gift ideas to add?