He Loves to Hear Your Voice


One of the things I love to tell my little girl is that God loves to hear her voice.  Since Jesus Christ is important in my life, I try and teach my children to pray and lay everything at the feet of Jesus.  They are learning what that means.  But rather then just praying with my voice, I really really encourage them to pray  because I know that God loves loves loves to hear their little voices.  And I have to say I love to hear their voices too. Oh my goodness!  I love to.  Can you imagine all the cuteness and precious requests God gets to hear every night from the little children?  

There have been times that Maddie has prayed that I would love Daddy more and not fight with him.  After swallowing the embarrassment of my own anger, God used her prayer to change me and help me forgive my husband.

And I can’t forget the time that she prayed that she would not have to take her antibiotic medicine because she thought it tasted horrible.  It was one of those times I doubted God… but the next morning Maddie’s doctor called to tell me that she could stop taking the antibiotic.  The test results showed that she no longer needed it.

So if you have young children and you are teaching them to pray, keep encouraging.

“He loves to hear your voice, girl (or boy). He loves to!” 

Thank God for being willing to hear our little ones when they call.

Matthew 17:20