Photography “Tips”

Taking pictures of my grandma is one of my favorite things to do. And now being a mom of three little ones, I should totally declare it a hobby.  Dishes are never ending, but a good picture makes me feel pretty accomplished.

This is what I do. When I visit Mama, I give her baby to hold, just because it’s sweet and well… almost 17 lbs for a 4 month old?!?! Gives her a little bit of strength training and gives me a little rest!  Love it.  So I sit there and we just hang out and talk.  I take out my phone. And basically any photo I take from there on out, unless they’re blurry, are pretty AMAZIN!  It just so happens that the Christmas tree at my sister’s house is righttt next to Mama’s favorite chair that she sits in almost all day, so there you have it. Amazing Christmas photos with the young and old. This time around they are over 100 years apart. GOLDEN!

Tips for your photo shoot?  On Christmas day, put a chair near the Christmas tree and let your parents/grandparents sit there. Give them baby, tell the kids to give grandma a hug, a pat, a fist bump (over the span of an hour). Click away and hopefully you will some memorable photos.  Here’s my photo shoot with baby Ben (4 months) and Mama (at a stylin 101.5).  Merry Christmas!