On Having 3 Kids

I am five months into being a mom of 3 kids.  How is it? Oh my goodness is one good answer. Crazyyyy is probably the next.

Here’s my dilemma.img_3427

I am going through one of the most insane “seasons” of my life. I have never worked any job prior to this that required so much physical labor not to mention so much overtime.  And at the same time I am still trying to figure out how the kids can be so unbelievably cute yet demanding at the same time.  While other people ponder over theology and life’s purpose, I really ponder over questions like, “how can my children be so adorable and yet so irritating at the same time?”

If you are in the same pickle, I am sure you understand what I’m talking about and need no words to describe the beautiful chaos.  But if you live a peaceful life and are just wondering what “normal” days look like, here is glimpse of the insane fun it is with three little ones (4, 2 and 5 mo.):

  • Sometimes the word “Mommy” is said just way too many times in the span of two minutes.  I, for one, had to lock myself in my room the other day. No one was willing to send me to a time out so I sent myself on one.  That would be my “quiet time” for the day.
  • It’s not uncommon that I am nursing my 5-month-old while my 2 year old son is simultaneously behind me in the rocker chanting “piggy back! piggy back!” It’s also not uncommon that when I change baby’s diaper on the floor that my son comes up behind and either pretends I am a climbing wall or starts chanting again…”Piggy back! Piggy back!”
  • Conversations with my husband really aren’t very good until the kids get to bed. Usually, when we try to talk, my daughter interrupts and when I correct her she continues to interrupt saying “excuse me, excuse me Mom,” I said “excuse me!” I can’t even fit in the words to explain to her that she is still interrupting me. People used to say that I never stopped talking, but in our house, my daughter has taken center stage.
  • Dirty hands.  Oh my. While I do enjoy cleanliness, I also sometimes just don’t have the breath to get my kids to wash their hands over and then again and again. There are far too many opportunities where I should be getting up and helping them wash.  So.  I have come to accept that daily my clothes should expect some booger wiping, thumb sucking germs, spit ups, sometimes blood, finger paint, residual food and many additional questionable solids on them.  The solution to this madness is really unending loads of laundry done in our house.  I always thought I would want to stay in our old condo forever because I could manage without my own laundry, but I have to say, thank you God for my very own personal laundry machine.